Bearing Bronze Limited


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Whether we are providing bronze bar stock to manufacturers and machine shops or precision-finished bronze bushings to end-users across North America, our skilled craftsmen and dedicated staff apply decades of knowledge and hands-on experience to every Bearing Bronze order. Working with you to develop the best possible solutions to meet your specifications, we provide expert advice about properties, performance, availability and cost efficiencies.

Our reputation has been built on the fundamental principle that we must meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. Every employee at every level is empowered to halt production if a quality or service concern arises. Rigorous inspection procedures developed and maintained under AS9100C/ISO 9001:2008 guarantee exacting standards and our internal auditing systems ensure compliance in all areas. From short specialty runs to high volume production orders, we meet the most demanding JIT schedules. Our automated order processing, scheduling and inventory control systems provide accurate information in an instant. Our extensive raw material inventory means your production schedules are maintained and service to your customers is uninterrupted.

Being the best at what we do is the promise we make to our customers. It's a promise we deliver with every order.